6 Must-Have Poker Tools to Increase Your Winrate

Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and skills on online poker games may be insufficient to achieve the highest winrate you ever desire. Lucky for you if you are able to pull off a game without relying on any software and tools. But, how about those players whose luck seems impossible to attain? Don’t worry. There is a wide array of poker tools available to help you out! Find out here!

poker tools
  • Trackers

This tool will allow you to monitor all of your poker sessions over the internet. Here, you’ll be able to view your loss/win ratio and the summarize of your historical details. These and other excellent features of a tracker ensure you’ll eventually become a better player. Poker Tracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 are among the well-established tracker tools out there.

  • Calculators

Determining the odds can help you do better while playing poker. Thanks to the advancement of calculator, assessing the hand histories, creating ranges, counting range combinations, and experimenting with various ranges on different board textures are all made simpler and more convenient. Flopzilla and Equilab are two of the poker calculator widely used. maxbetsbobet

  • Table Scanners

What this tool does is to scan the player’s database, and they show them the tables with weak players with whom you’ve previously played. After the scanning process, it will open up the tables for you to choose from. There is no automation involved. You can use the table scan turbo for performing this task. 

  • Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Simulators

They are considered as one of the most expensive and advanced tools for poker players, though extremely worthwhile. It is costly because the mathematics behind it is highly complicated. They require plenty of computer resources and time in some cases. GTO simulators perform computations on old computers with an independent cloud service, free and fast equilibrium strategy calculation on turn and river, etc.

  • Poker Books

This is an underrated yet helpful tool for players who want to have an edge on online poker games. You can find a lot of awesome books on the internet. Each topic is incredibly informative. They cover various poker types and variations in harrowingdetail. Don’t worry about the price, because some are offered at reasonable prices. Others could be free of charge.

  • Poker Schools

If you have enough time and really have the interest to boost your overall win-rate, joining a poker school could be your ideal pick. They provide players with information in an extensive and clear style as well as add a few practices to the process of learning. Most poker schools are free. Your schedule is just what they need.

These poker tools must be in the arsenal of committed online poker players. Although, it’s important to note that they won’t turn you into a big winner nor ensure your gambling a real success. Your best secret would still be enhancing your skillsetfurther. The role of these tools is to acquire more information about your opponents as well as help you study the game more efficiently.

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