Common Poker Terms and their Meanings

Upon learning the basic of online poker, you’ll encounter various unfamiliar terms which you need to memorize. Although you might already be acquainted with many of these sayings and words, there are certainly many that you don’t know yet. This is because poker has accumulated some unique phrases and words over the years. Hearing things such as big slick could make new poker players confused.

Here, we’ll cover some of the common poker terms with their meanings. So the next time you play, you no longer become overwhelmed with the strange words or phrases you’re hearing. Learning and mastering these terms may be daunting at first, but with practice and a bit knowledge, that baffledfeeling will ultimately be shifted to confidence. sbobet casino online

Add-on: Extra chips that can be bought aside from the original chips.

Ante: A forced, small bet that players make before the deal. It is common in tournaments aside from blinds at the late stages.

Bankroll: The amount of money you need to bet, either reserveto add later on or in your partypoker account.

Bet: The money you initially wagered and placed in the pot.

Big Slick: A nickname for Ace-King’s two-card holding.

Bluff: Raising or betting to signify a good hand once an average or poor hand is held.

Bot: A computer program used for allowing players to gamble online poker automatically. It will be programmed to play a specific set of parameters.

Buy-in: The number of chips or amount of money that a player needs to engage in a game.

Cash Game: Also called a ring game. It is a form of poker game where you can leave and buy-in at any time you desire.

Check: Simply means to create no wager. If this is the case, you’ll have to pass the betting opportunity to a fellow player.

Dealer: A person (either professional or player) who distributesthe cards to the players.

Draw: Hands that require extra cards to turn them into a winning hand.

Face Down: Refers to concealed cards. This will include burn cards and hole cards.

Face Think: To make-believe, you’re thinking about the action you want to make when you have already made up a decision.

Face Up: Cards that are visible to the players.

Flop: this is referred to as the three community board cards dealt after the initial round of betting.

Fold: To get out of the cards and no longer join the round of gameplay.

Free Card: This occurs if there is no betting made in a particular round.

Muck: Meaning to fold the hand. We also call muck those folded and burned cards that are not in play.

Pot: It is the number of bucks after raises, re-raises, antes, and bets that you win once your hand is finished.

Raise: Making a higher bet value than the original bet of another player.

Rank: Denotes the value of each hand and card.

Poker terms do not just end here. These are just some of the common words you will usually deal with once you join the game online.

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