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We certainly hope that you will choose us to make your once-in-a-lifetime event a success. We are in business to make money, but we are actually MORE concerned that your event goes perfectly without a hitch. There are several companies that are renting cheap, unprofessional, crappy looking “photo booths” that are an eyesore to the clients that hired them. Many of these outfits spend only a couple of days making an ugly, home made, cheap version of the classic and traditional photo booth. We are NOT one of these companies. Quality is VERY important to us.


How Many people can fit in booth?

We started out with a smaller booth and quickly realized that the larger the booth, the more fun people had! Most of our booths, have been re-designed and can now comfortably fit 4-6 grown adults! Trust us, we have been in the event rental business for about a decade,and the the larger booth the better! Some booths can not even fit 2 adults COMFORTABLY. Most people want pictures of the family, or of all the bridesmaids, and this simply cannot be accomplished with a tiny booth. If they provide sample photos on their website, do they show 2 adults or 2 children? If they Do NOT show 4 people in their booth, that is probably because they can NOT fit 4 people in the booth. We do have smaller booths that can only fit 3 or 4 people in them. Although most people prefer our larger booths, please give us a call if you would like a smaller booth.

Can your photo booth fit into an elevator?

Our booths will fit in any standard sized elevator.

My reception venue is concerned about chemicals in their 150 year old, historic building. Does your booth use chemicals or produce foul smells?

Our photo booths are 100% digital and do not require any of the old, antiquated chemical processes that have been around for 50 years. Our Digital Photo booths are self-contained and the photos are printed out within a minute or so, with our proprietary digital printing process that does not produce any chemical smell (we guarantee that your guests will not get nauseous from our photo booths before dinner!) Our booths weigh much less than the old style booths that where manufactured in the 1950’s. The old style booths can normally ONLY hold 1or 2 grown adults, and were built decades ago. Our booths can accommodate up to 8 grown adults. If you would like a smaller booth, please give us a call for availability.

Are the photos digitally archived?

Once your event has taken place, we upload all of the photos to the internet and they can be accessed from any internet connection. We also provide you with a DVD of all of the pictures taken as well. This is a free service that is included will all of our rentals.

Do you provide samples of real people that have been in your booths?

Anyone can hire glamorous looking models that make their booth look fantastic. We provide samples of actual people that have been in our booths (with permission).

Are you willing to provide recent, verifiable references?

We will supply you with recent, verifiable references upon request.


Lone Star PhotoBooth

We serve the entire State of Texas.

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